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When calculating paediatric doses we usually use a weight related dose. However, if a 9 y/o child weighs 49kg would this make a difference? eg painstop is max dose of 25mls. What other drugs fall into a maximum dose for paediatric pts? S.A.B

Thanks for your question SAB.We will put this to our panel of experts and post an answer in the next few days….

Does the height of a fever indicate sepsis or severity of infection ? Mitch

Thanks for your question Mitch. Dr Stuart Birt reminds us that: Fever as such is not harmful. Infants and children tolerate low-grade fever (eg ≤ 38.5’C per axilla) well and there may be no advantage to giving paracetamol in this situation. Evidence regarding the possible symptomatic benefits of antipyretic treatment (in terms of mood, comfort, feeding, activity and alertness) is weak. Antipyretic treatment has not been shown to prevent febrile convulsions.

Your question is answered in Evidence based pediatrics and child health. 2004. Virginia A. Moyer, Elizabeth J. Elliott. Click here to go to that link.

I had a patient who was electrocuted at home the other day. Do they need to be monitored if they present without symptoms ? Jo

Great question Jo. Routine cardiac monitoring is not required after household voltage electrical injury if the patient is asymptomatic and has normal initial electrocardiography. Asymptomatic patients involved in minor electrical events do not require investigation or admission.

Is tap water OK for cleaning wounds ? Jenny

Jenny, a review of BestBets.org answers this very question. It is striking that the infection rate remains 5 – 10% whatever the intervention. In this case the cheapest and most easily obtained solution should be used. The meta-analysis shows that tap water may have a beneficial effect. Clearly the quality of water should be good (at least potable). It concludes by saying “Tap water is a safe and effective solution for cleaning recent wounds requiring closure and is the treatment of choice.”

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